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CityBuilder needs Glib (I have 1.2.8). All of my development is done under Linux. I don't know if it will compile or work correctly on other operating systems. It should work fine on any of the modern unix-like OS's. Also, since Glib has been ported to Windows, and since CityBuilder is written in C, there's a good chance that it can be coerced to compile on Windows too.

Don't send me email asking for Windows help. If you don't know what a compiler is, then CityBuilder will not be useful for you. I do not have any development tools for Windows, and I can not provide executables for Windows users.

Keep in mind that this is not a finished product. Certain features are not implemented, or are disabled. I haven't found many show-stopping bugs in CityBuilder, but I haven't tested it very well, either.

You can download the latest release at the sourceforge page:

CityBuilder download page

NOTE - Once you have downloaded the utilities, make sure you read the README files included in the CityBuilder tar archive. Know that if you use CityBuilder (or CityBuilder-derived code) for a project, you must acknowledge (in the credits or something; some place where people will see it) that CityBuilder was used to generate the level data. You should also list my name and the URL of the CityBuilder web site.

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